American Rehab: Detroit

American Rehab: Detroit is the 2nd series in DIY Network's American Rehab franchise. Christopher Lee grew up hearing about his great-grandfather's once-stately Detroit residence lost in the Great Depression, and 87 years later, he bought it. Armed with a family photo from 1927, Chris, his wife Amy and their baby daughter Ruby are living in the house as they bring it back to its Roaring 20's glory. And with the house abandoned for years with collapsing ceilings, a leaking roof and holes in the floor, Chris and Amy have their work cut out for them.


Season 1.0

1. First Floor Fixes (2015-01-29)
2. Classic Kitchen Upgrade (2015-01-29)
3. Master Sweet (2015-02-05)
4. Baby-Proofed Bathroom (2015-02-12)
5. Garage Rescue (2015-02-19)
6. Piano Room Party (2015-02-26)